Clippyie is Canon

I’m super tired, good night


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015)


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015)


mater is pixar tho

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i have the same arceus poster on my wall omg :o

I LOVE MY ARCEUS POSTER!!! Arceus is so Chill

i got the little herbie plushie when i was like 3 like i bought it from a disney catalog and i brought it to daycare w/ me a lot for show and tell because i thought it was SO COOL cuz i got it in the mail + i watched the herbie movies like at least 3 times a week im sure so herbie was obv my favorite thing at the time

and then the big one i got on my birthday when i turned 4 and we were at a pizza hut & i started YELLING EXCITEDLY when i got it and me and my mom used to joke about me bringing it to college. but now i am here, and it is here. at college.

oimg sorry i didn't even realise it was a shared room!! i just though you had 2 desks and 2 beds

OH!!! that’s ok! if i had 2 beds & 2 desks i would have a combined HUGE bed and a combined HUGE desk at this point

herbie is by far the best disney character, this is a fact and needs no evidence considering herbie wins by default due to the fact that herbie is a sentient car

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yes…. also…